About Us

Uptrade Media is a full service digital marketing firm located in Over-the-Rhine that provides enterprises with strategic planning, creative design, and marketing execution.

Born in the Queen City.

Uptrade Media was founded in September of 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For founder and CEO Ramsey Deal, choosing his hometown to put down business roots was an easy choice.

There were more glamorous choices, sure. It's been well over a hundred years since Cincinnati was a true leader in innovation, or viewed as a pinnacle of modern civilization. Competing cities offer more amenities, better weather, or larger investment pools to attractive startups.

Why here, then?

There's a unique energy in this city. A collective desire to regain what was once lost, and expand beyond it.

Starting with the rejuvenation of the Central Business District and Over-The-Rhine, life is being restored to the downtown area for the first time in a century. Companies are evolving to today's modern standards of business, and local governments are giving them the green light to make change.

For those of us who planted our flag here, Cincinnati is an opportunity to create something. Neighborhoods that were once derelict and abandoned now teem with life; neighbors work together to reduce crime and improve the community.

Uptrade Media proudly supports our community as a partner of Grant Park Over-The-Rhine. We're teaming up with other local organizations to improve the quality and usability of public parks and private real estate in the historic area north of Liberty Street in OTR. Click here to become a supporting member.

Cincinnati is our home, but it's also our path into the future. 



Word Origin

verb (used with object), up·trad·ed, up·trad·ing.

  1. to trade for something similar, but of greater value or quality

In the beginning,

Uptrade Media was called Uptrade Exchange.

Our mission was to create the best business to business barter model the world had ever seen. 

We envisioned a trade system built around a proprietary cryptocurrency that would solve traditional barter exchange issues, create and maintain value, and deliver the best possible client experience.

We missed that mark, but we found our own innovative approaches to business along the way. 


Now, we're sharing them with the world.

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