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Why would you buy this bottle of water?

Probably because of the label, once it's added.

While there may be an empirical need for water to survive, the truth is, any water would fill that need. So, why are there so many brands of bottled water accessible to consumers?

The answer is simple, and undeniable: People love choice. They want to feel like their decisions matter, and will always competitively compare several options. At the end of the day, their decision making will come down to only a few factors, and all of them relate to the individual brand they observe.

-Does this relate to my values?

-Will it fill my need?

-Is it trendy?

Catchy marketing buzzwords like alkaline, mineral, or pH balanced are all tools that make a simple bottle of water attach onto the client's mindset, and enforce the decision to buy your product. However, the brand goes much deeper than that, and it's imperative to constantly reinforce the consumer decision with smart planning and brand execution.

Creating an effective product identity is

extremely important

Every potential client you interact with, or who finds you in a search, is immediately comparing you to the competition. Eventually, they will decide on an option based on a combination of appeal, price, ease of use, and functionality. Our job is to ensure that decision is on your product.

Clients who resonate with your product identity are much more likely to endorse your brand, giving you free marketing and exposure. These connections multiply over time, resulting in better leads, more sales, and happier clients.

Start With A Plan

Strong brands aren't built overnight. Most of the big names you know today have been meticulously honing their corporate image for years, spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours in the process. 

In the fiscal year 2018, Amazon's marketing spending amounted to over 13 billion U.S. dollars, up from ten billion U.S. dollars in the previous year. According to Amazon, the company's marketing costs primarily consisted of targeted online advertising, TV ads and related spending on marketing staff.

Years ago, before anybody knew who they were, Jeff Bezos was planning their path towards expansion and great success. It started with a vision, multiplied with time, and today they stand as an undeniable titan of innovation and corporate excellence.

Give Meaning

Give meaning to specific products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds.  Over time, this allows consumers to quickly identify their products and organization, and give them a reason to choose your products over the competition’s, by clarifying what this particular brand is and is not.

Branding can be achieved through:

  • advertising and communications

  • product and packaging design

  • in-store experience

  • pricing

  • sponsoring and partnerships

  • the visual identity of the brand (logo, website and colors, are just some examples).

In our example of branding water, packaging design and advertising are perhaps the most powerful tools used by marketers.

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