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The Cincinnati Views Project will expire this year following the death of the creator, Don Prout. The website contains over 15,000 historical postcards and images, and offers valuable insight into the storied past of Cincinnati.

While we cannot access the hosting and domain directly, we can archive and reformat the content while the current site still exists. Although time consuming, the site does badly need a re-design, and now is the perfect opportunity to do so. We're raising money to transfer all of the pictures and words that exist currently to a new server with a new user interface and better usability. Information and pictures will need to be individually cataloged and inserted into the new website. All funds raised will go towards the new domain, hosting, and our time creating this.

We hope to maintain the website indefinitely, and add new Cincinnati content relevant to the original mission. Any donations raised beyond our goal will be used towards furthering community projects.

In Don's memory & with the assistance of his images, we published an article about the tumultuous history of Cincinnati:

From Riots to Riches: Making Cincinnati the "Queen City" Again 



Thank you to these generous individuals for helping us keep this project alive.

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