Events engage your customer.

Event marketing is the marketing of a brand, service, or product through promotional events. It typically involves direct contact with the brand's representatives, allowing for more direct interaction. Events are also a way to develop a relationship with media outlets, and work as an alternative for direct marketing.

Event marketing strategies leave a lasting, brand-focused impression of fun by grabbing the attention of a group of people who are gathered together. If executed successfully, event marketing will provide each of them with an experience that will resonate in their minds.

Results are all that matter.

There are lots of ways to add customers, from multi-million dollar media campaigns to clever referral systems. 


At the end of the day, all that matters is what works. Different companies have different customer bases, different budgets, different strategies, but they all need to succeed. In order to succeed, they have to maximize profitable opportunities and minimize catastrophic financial waste.


Marketing campaigns are famous for eating budgets without tangible results. In Silicon Valley, a new term has risen- "Growth Hacking." Growth Hackers apply an engineer's mindset to an artists industry, with massive success. It's about using hard data and advanced analytics to find the most beneficial approach available. Rather than an artist 's gut instinct, facts and numbers provide statistical evidence of effectiveness. 


Uptrade employs all the tools of the new-age Growth Hacker, without diminishing the value of a dedicated design team. Combining proven data with intuitive design and visual appeal creates campaigns that deliver proven results.


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