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New Year, New Look

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Coming into the new year looking the same as last year? Maybe the year before? Or the year before that? It’s easy to ignore much needed maintenance to your website, outdated location experiences, and those annoying social media accounts. New UX elements and innovative techniques are developed every year. So, ask yourself... when is the last time you looked at your website? From a simple face-lift to those who have no idea what an Instagram is: There are solutions. Your business is missing out on potential revenue you didn’t even know you were missing.

Your website, marketing, and customer relations are the digital face of your company. It’s what keeps your business relevant and revenue coming in. Every business should be focused on continual growth, and that increase is heavily influenced by business’ physical and electronic appearance.

Outdated websites are a major issue in any industry, and by far one of the most common issues we’ve run into. Boring, plain, and hard to use. Some only consist of a single page with nothing but a few pictures and little to no contact information. What kind of impression do you want your company to leave? In 2019, online presence holds the same value as face-to-face interaction. First impressions are made in seconds, and potential clients or partners can decide to leave and never do business with your company without having any contact with you or any other representative of your company. You might as well be flushing cash down the toilet- the cost of a good website is vastly outweighed by its benefits.

In other cases, websites aren’t outdated, just poorly developed. Lack of skill, effort or maybe a little of both- regardless, there is no excuse for poor presentation. Depending on industry, websites may not have to be super complex or in-depth, but presenting relevant knowledge in an interactive format is imperative. Sometimes that requires extensive databases and brilliant UI flow, but other times that can be achieved with one eye-catching page using high resolution photos and dynamic elements. As user engagement increases, so do sales conversions. That applies not only to e-commerce giants, but also B2B enterprises looking to effectively prospect new clients. In 2019, clients are empowered to do their own research, and will compare you to other industry heavyweights aggressively.

If your business is heavily driven by customers then the same advice applies to social media. Let other businesses and potential customers get to know your company through more than just your website. Be active on social media to stay relevant and observe critical trends to stay ahead of your competition. No time will be wasted learning how to use relevant platforms efficiently and effectively.

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